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Citrus Alarm Clock has one of the best interface that this reviewer has come across regarding alarm clock interfaces. A clean gray background plays backdrop to nice white lettering while drop down and tab menus make it simple to choose alarm clock options. This program runs smoothly from your computers task bar tray and won’t suck up system resources.


Using Citrus Alarm Clock is simple. After downloading the program, this alarm clock will sit by quietly while you go about your day. When you set an alarm, you can choose to awakened by music or alarm clock sounds. Users of all levels and ages will find Citrus Alarm Clock useful and fun.

Main Function

The main purpose of Citrus Alarm Clock is to provide you with a simple to use alarm clock that doesn’t take up a good deal of system resources. As such, Citrus Alarm Clock works very well and will easily replace your current system alarm clock. Setting this alarm is simple and the alarm comes with a nice music feature that many will enjoy.

Extra Features

Citrus Alarm Clock comes with one extra feature, which is really the main reason why most people choose this alarm clock program: the music feature. Instead of waking up to an annoying alarm clock noise, Citrus Alarm Clock allows you to choose music from your current music library. Once a song has been chosen, that song will play when the alarm that you set goes off.


Citrus Alarm Clock can be purchased for $12.95, which is really a great deal considering all the things that this program offers.


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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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